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The player enters a parallel dimension from which it is difficult to escape. There is nothing but a long corridor with yellow walls and a huge number of doors. Some of them lead to freedom, others are closed, and some may hide secrets. The player slowly loses his mind, so he has to look at his wristwatch every 30 seconds – this way he will not only regain his consciousness and stay with his mind, but he will also see how much time he has spent in this dimension and how many meters he has walked.

Does the exit exist at all?

You will move around an endless concession of rooms and corridors. All of them look identical – depressive yellowish wallpaper and dim bulb lights. There is no furniture or windows here. After you walk from one room to another for some time, you will start to doubt your sanity. It looks like you are in some vicious circle and there is no way out at all! You are tortured with only one question – how to get out if this terrible place! But there is no one around to give you a hand.

Try to remain focused on the task to find that door and not to lose your mind. At some moment, you will even feel you are not alone here and someone is watching you. It will be difficult to understand whether you are really being chased by some enemy or it is wicked game of your imagination. You should invent something as soon as possible, otherwise, you may be imprisoned here forever! It is too simple to give up – there should be some solution to this incredible situation!

Do not ignore things scattered around!

The location seems to be absolutely empty at first glance. But if you are more attentive – you will notice some strange objects here and there. Do not think it is just some rubbish. Take a minute to thoroughly examine everything you meet. These items may hide important information and helpful hints. Be especially careful to collect all scraps of paper. You will see that these contain some text elements. It looks like someone was here before you and was trying to pass you some message!

Pick up all pieces you manage to find to see what happened to that person and whether he managed to escape. This game offers the player to go through many levels, and every time, you will feel more and more vulnerable and doomed. There are several endings to this thrilling adventure – everything depends on your choices and decisions. So try to be headstrong to find a workable solution and leave this terrible place.

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