Sir Kain Battle

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A true knight never retreats in the face of danger. He is not afraid of death – he enthusiastically looks it into the eye, perceiving his demise as a chance to get into the annals of history, where his glorious name will be inscribed in admiring ink. He holds his sword firmly in his hand, even as he bleeds, and not a single groan will escape his tightly clenched lips when he draws his last breath. And of course, he will try to take as many enemies with him as he can.

Knight Cain

This is exactly what your opponent is like in this gripping fighting game – the knight Cain. He is not affected by such manipulative techniques as intimidation or moral suppression. He doesn’t fall for the clever tricks you try to confuse him with. Clearly seeing his purpose, he is advancing on you, an iron-clad, unhesitating mountain, and you will have to use all your combat ingenuity to defeat him. Combine the different moves you have in your arsenal, move around the arena with the agility of a monkey and attack with the recklessness of a tiger, but at the same time with the wisdom of a snake. Maybe then you have a chance! Enjoy the dynamic action and the noble medieval spirit in a contemporary 8-bit wrapping!

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