Undertale Friday Night Funkin

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One of the great things about Friday Night Funkin is that it doesn’t get stuck in the limits of its own concept. It’s probably one of the most open-source games, in the meaning that it gladly invites all sorts of characters to visit its rhythm-filled world, no matter how far from music these character actually are. Most of the times, these are some recognizable heroes from other popular games that produce the ‘weeeee!’ effect in players when they suddenly see them in another FNF mod. The rest depends on whether you’re a fan of this particular game that is bursting onto the neon-lit rap stage or not. And if you are a fan of Undertale, this mod is definitely a must-try for you!

FNF Undertale with Sans Simulator

Here you will be able to run gripping rap battles against various characters from the monster world. You will meet everyone you remember and love ever since the first time you played Undertale – Frisk the human, Sans the skeleton, his brother Papyrus, Flowey and so on and so forth. All of them will suddenly become very passionate about hip-hop, so they can’t wait to clash with Boyfriend and Girlfriend to some new, hot and groovy tunes.

Best FNF mod in this game

Just like before, you’ll have to outperform him by hitting as many beats as possible during each of the rounds. Over the head of your character, you will see a sequence of arrows pointing in certain directions. They indicate the respective buttons on the keyboards you have to press. You can’t afford to hit too many wrong arrows because it won’t bring you a lot of points. Moreover, it will be draining your health, and when it runs out, you won’t be able to continue the gig. At the same time, each move of your fingers must be perfectly timed to the rhythm of the song which can be changing rather unexpectedly, especially if you play on a hard difficulty level. Will you be able to defeat all the Undertale characters in this amazing FNF mod? Play and find out!

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