FNF Undertale Last Breath Vs Sans

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Everyone who played Undertale even once surely won’t forget Sans. Despite his creepy skeleton appearance, he instantly wins you over with his never-fading smile and sunny disposition. And since he’s all for the most good and beautiful things in this world, it’s not such a big surprises that he also turns out to be a big fan of music. He enjoys all styles, but hip-hop in particular. So when he heard any game character is invited to take a shot at rapping in FNF mods, he just couldn’t stay aside!

Sans Boyfriend

In this game you are about to battle on stages against Sans playing as Boyfriend. And if you’re think it’ll be a piece of cake to defeat this amateur, you’re wrong! Sans is a very talented guy and he learns on the fly, so don’t relax! Keep your fingers ready on the buttons and press them in line with the arrows appearing on your computer screen. And of course, in time with the beat! The more notes you hit on time the higher your final score will be. Plus, if you hit several notes in a row, you’ll get a mind-boggling combo that will send your points sky-high! Enjoy the game, plunge into great music and have a blast in this new incredible Friday Night Funkin mod!

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