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If you are a fan of Undertale, you surely know such a character as Sans. This charming, friendly skeleton surely doesn’t add up with the image of a monster. But after all, that’s not anything uncommon for Undertale. This kind-hearted, good-natured lad believes in all the best qualities in people. He sincerely suggests that all bad things we make not because we’re so bad ourselves, but because something in our lives made us behave that way. And thus, it can be fixed. No wonder he supports the main hero on the Pacifist route and becomes his archenemy if he chooses to become a mass killer instead. And yes, like many other things in the game, his name is an Easter egg referring to the Comics Sans font his dialogues are typed in.

Sans and Frisk

In this short Undertale spinoff you have a chance to fully enjoy the final battle between Sans and Frisk on the Genocide route. Playing as Sans, you must do everything to stop your opponent! Each of the characters has their peculiar battle style. While Sans has a great number of attacks in his arsenal, Frisk really uses just one – knife strike. But it’s lethal (Frisk starts from the 19th level after all) and, if successful, will kill Sans on the spot. Your only chance to avoid instant death is to press space on time which is the button for dodging enemy attacks. However, you won’t be using it just any time – Sans has a fatigue scale that gradually fills up when you’re launching multiple attacks in a row. Once it’s full, you won’t be able to dodge, so keeping balance between offense and defense is vital.

Different kinds of bones

The range of our character’s abilities that can be used during the fight is truly impressive. As you can imagine, his weapons are different kinds of bones that can be summoned to take advantage from a specific effect. For instance, there is an option to shoot bones, to attack your opponent with a self-targeting missile bone, to create a bone tunnel that will squeeze him if he gets inside… You can send many little bones dancing all over the battlefield, make them protrude from the wall or even enjoy a disco scattering of blinking multicolored bones. You can also use several modes of blaster and telekinetically move Frisk’s sole to a certain place by turning it into a blue light. But this is just an official list cause there are also secret attacks that you can discover experimenting with button combinations! Plunge into the final Undertale fight right now and see who wins!

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