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Each war always has two sides. One party is the aggressor moving in and breaking through. And the other keeps the fort down. And each of these roles requires a certain military skill. This game will allow you to become a master of defense. Get ready for a massive invasion of an outnumbering enemy! They are well armed and well trained. You understand in advance that it’s going to be a hard battle. But you just can’t back down and have to stand firm under the rain of bullets and missiles that are going to shower on you like crazy! So, shall we get started?

Defense your city!

There will be different kinds of troops you will be up against. They will attack in waves, and each of these waves will be more formidable than the previous. So even if you dealt with all the foes easily at the beginning, don’t think it’s going to last. You’re just warming up! Use various weapons and fortifications at your disposal to form an unbreakable defense line that will allow you to fend off hostile soldiers for as long as possible. Every new level will grow a bit harder. Will you be able to pass the whole game? That’s what you are about to see after you get good enough at playing D.E.F.E.N.S.E!

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