The Baby In Yellow

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The game is a horror game about a nanny who takes care of a young child. Every night this child does very strange things – disappears in a second, gets out of the crib by himself. Gradually his oddities become more and more apparent and the child no longer hides his paranormal abilities. Now the nurse wants to get away from him, but it is not so easy – the child begins to hinder her in every way. Now she has to solve a lot of riddles and puzzles and play lots of minigames to save herself.

Make sure to complete all the tasks!

Even if you do not have much experience of babysitting routine – do not worry. The game comes with precise instructions on how to complete this or that task. You will need to do everything that a little kid requires – change diapers, feed it, clean the room and much more. But the strange behavior of the baby will continuously distract you. And one moment, your ward will simply disappear in the depth of the house. You do not know this gloomy mansion at all, but there is no other solution than to explore it and find the baby.

You simply cannot leave it on its own! However, the antagonist turns out to be too cunning for its age. It is a true monster – you will face a lot of dangerous traps set around the house. If you want to dig out the truth about this suspicious character, you will have to complete a lot of thrilling quests. If you love horror games full of risk and unexpected twists, then you will definitely enjoy this one!

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