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Imagine that you are a small child who spent a good deal of his early nights being afraid that there might be a monster hiding under his bed. And how shocked he was when he actually found out that this is true! In fact, there is a whole monster world carefully wrapped away from human eyes. And if you’re lucky – or unlucky – enough, you can find a teeny tiny hole between it and our world to crawl inside. That’s exactly what happened to Frisk, and now the poor kiddo is all alone god knows where, surrounded by vile creatures that apparently want his blood. What is he going to do? There are no other options – you have to brace yourself up and try to stay alive!

The plot of Underbane

The plot of Underbane will remind you of another similar game, Undertale. Only there are no complicated storylines, moral choices and other kinds of suspense. The goal is simple and clear – you have to survive! Control Frisk moving around the map to avoid monster attacks. Don’t fall off the edges or you will die and will have to restart the level. Try to hold out for as long as you can and collecting additional lives as they spawn near you. The gameplay is totally unpretentious, but surely exciting!

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