Friday Night Funkin vs Papyrus

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Papyrus is known as a great lover of riddles. He loves making them up and testing everyone he can get his bony hands on. And is there a more complicated and fascinating riddle than musical patterns? A multitude of beat combinations allows artists to come up with truly unique and amazing songs that we then carry all around in our iPods nodding our heads to the rhythm. And even if you’re no musician, that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like a real hip-hop star playing games like Friday Night Funkin! This particular mod is dedicated to Papyrus who will be your new opponent that you have to defeat on stage.

Complete all these conditions

The gameplay is as simple as it gets: there are keys you have to press when you hear a beat, music to which you will be doing it and also arrows on the screen showing which keys exactly to press. Complete all these conditions – and you have a record score at the end of the battle! But of course it’s not so simple to hit all notes correctly in real life. You will be making mistakes, missing beats, your fingers will be slipping on the buttons and you will watch your progress bar stuck in one place, cursing, or maybe even your health bar dropping drastically as you get more and more nervous. Pull yourself together, catch the rhythm and finish the gig with a bang!

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