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Roblox is not just a cozy pretty pixel world. This is a whole laboratory where work on new projects, quests and ports of popular games is constantly in full swing. So it was only a matter of time before we were able to experience the full drive of the final fight from Undertale in the new Sans Simulator Roblox game! Here you will take on an unusual role – instead of the main character Frisk, you will control Sans the skeleton, and Frisk will become your opponent. And if such turn of events seems somehow strange to you, just remember how Sans opposes all sorts of murders and generally harming others in any way. And what an implacable enemy he turns into if you choose to enter the Genocide route!

Roblox simulator save your life

So, it all starts with a simple splash screen and a game menu without any unnecessary frills. You can choose a name for your fighter, and then there is only one button – forward, only forward, into battle! Since the action takes place in the world of Roblox, both Sans and Frisk, and the whole setting in which you have to fight, consists of colorful cubes. But it has its own charm, as in all similar projects. In addition, sophisticated graphics and special effects will not distract you from the primary task.

Tasks of new life

Or rather, there are two of them. First, you certainly need to kill the enemy. Secondly, at all costs, prevent him from approaching within striking distance. After all, Frisk’s knife has deadly power and will lay you down immediately, with no chance of restoring your health. At least until you gain enough experience (Frisk himself starts immediately from the 19th level). It is not easy to win in such an unequal struggle. But while your enemy is only armed with a knife and basically has just one type of attack, you have a lot of them in your arsenal. Explore the possibilities of throwing bones, building bone tunnels with the functions of sucking in and squeezing, setting bone traps on the battlefield … Sans Simulator Roblox has enough tactical options to make every battle unique and exciting. Start exploring them right now, play this fascinating mini-game online and get your adrenaline pumping for today!

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