Friday Night Funkin vs Ralsei

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Some monsters are scary, and evil, and eat little children. But there are also others that are cute, and fluffy, and really friendly. Ralsei is just the kind. He looks rather like a cuddly fur ball than a terrifying beast. And you can even pet him despite that fact that he is the king of the monster land! His hobbies don’t have anything to do with sneaking up in the dark, sinking his claws, baring his teeth, drawing blood and other things any decent monster would type into the ‘Interests’ section of his social media profile. For instance, he loves singing. And he does it all right! You have a chance to hear it with your own ears playing this new FNF mod!

New FNF mod

Here you will have to fight against Ralsei on stage. Don’t worry, he is a good-hearted lad that won’t use any dirty tricks against you unlike some other characters from Undertale and Deltarune. So you can just relax and have fun! The more notes you strike on time hitting precisely the keys shown on the screen the more points you are going to earn. The rhythm of the song can be changing without prior warning, so you must keep your ears sharp at all times. Spend a great time with Ralsei and Boyfriend! Enjoy the music and the gameplay!

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