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Long ago, when monsters roamed the earth freely and were more than just a fairy tale to us, there was a horrible war between them and people. Humans won and threw monsters down into the underworld. From then on, they have been living out of our reach – until one day a little boy accidentally fell through the dimensional crack and ended up in their magical land. He immediately became the target of the local rule. Or rather, his soul. Because only a human soul can free monsters from their underground imprisonment. Will you be able to keep it and remain human in full sense? Will you take pity on monsters and try to find some other way to help them – or will you see them as vile, hateful creatures that deserve only death? Your Undertale adventure is about to begin, and there is not knowing how it will end yet!

Fnd yourself with Undertale

From the very first minutes you find yourself in this colorful, a bit wacky world, you get totally enchanted by its art and charm. Each of the monsters is a personality, they all have their own character, and it’s almost always far from any cliches. It’s like actually walking among living persons, getting to know them and coming up with your own, unique way around them considering their peculiarities. Plus each of them has a memorable appearance that will keep springing before your eyes when you close them. It’s not a game you can just shake off after playing for a few hours!

Start playing Undertale online right

An important part of the gameplay is the ability to make choices. And these choices influence the attitude of other characters towards you, their own behavior and also the course of events. You can be all good and friendly – you won’t get many experience for that, but everyone will love. If you choose the path of killing and wrecking havoc, everyone will hate you, but you will level up very quickly. So it’s up to you to decide what exactly you want this tale to be like. But in any case, that’s going to be fascinating and fun! Start playing Undertale online right now and enjoy your journey!

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