Piggy Escape From The Pig

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The protagonist of the game gets into a huge estate, where there are no humans, but is inhabited by a huge pig that hates people. Now the player has to run away because she wants to catch him and hurt him. The player has to help him escape from the monster by hiding in closets and under tables. The main goal of the player is to solve all the puzzles and play different mini-games. So he can escape from the monster and stay alive. If the pig will see him, it will attack immediately.

Avoid Piggy’s touch!

The main thing is not to be tricked by the cartoon-looking appearance of the antagonist. You may have met this funny pig in other projects where she was friendly and joyous. But this time, the character turned into an evil creature – aggressive and bloodthirsty. You will not be able to play and have fun with this new version of Piggy! Your only task is to escape from this terrible place before your enemy approaches you too close. If Piggy manages to even touch you, the game will be over for you.

So try to make your way through this dangerous house with lots of traps around. Look for inconspicuous places where you can hide if the antagonist comes your way. You will have to solve many tricky tasks to succeed! Besides, you will have to find the key as the front door is locked! The entertainment will keep you on your toes from the first seconds and until the end. And what will be the outcome for you? It fully depends on your agility and logic. Have fun!

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