Sans Simulator Hard Mode

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As you remember, fights are one of the gameplay elements of Undertale that help move the story and add variety to your journey through the mysterious and cute world of monsters. But there are still not as many of them as we would like, and they don’t have any particularly intricate mechanics. So if you want to experience real adrenaline from exciting battles in the setting of your favorite game, welcome to Sans Simulator Hard Mode!

Crazy hard mode

As you can guess from the title, this version is more difficult than the original fighting game featuring the famous skeleton character Sans. Here you will have to work even harder to succeed. Your opponent will be much stronger, his AI will act more precisely and in more varied ways, so you will have to run and wiggle around the battlefield in all kind of manners, trying to adapt to his tactics. And of course, come up with one of your own, because without it you won’t go anywhere!

Like in the original version, here Sans can use several types of attacks, allowing you both to do some sniping shooting and to catch the enemy in all sorts of traps. It’s up to you to decide when and which to use, but keep an eye on the energy bar – each special trick will gradually deplete it, and when it reaches a minimum, your options on the battlefield will be greatly reduced.

We all here

You won’t need a health bar, because one hit with a knife that reaches the target is enough for your character will collapse dead. So basically you only have one attempt. For all the time you manage to successfully dodge the attacks, you need to finish off the enemy and make sure that he no longer has any health left. In addition to the usual bone attacks, you can also shoot different colors from the blaster and do something like soul capture from the opponent’s body. Of course, all this variety of techniques must be combined with the right timing of pressing the buttons. And for this you need good reflexes and finger agility. Enjoy the gameplay and see if you can take the enemy down in Sans Simulator Hard Mode!

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