FNF vs Flowey

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Flowey may look like a friendly and kind-natured fellow. After all, can you expect anything bad from a flower that is supposed to be all zen-green, and sun-loving, and oxygen-producing? But this one isn’t as simple as it may look. Life in the monster world has taught him caution and even a bit of cynicism. So he follows the law of the judge rather than the lawn – kill or be killed. And when you meet him in a fight – whether it’s a real bloodshed or simply a rap battle – you’d better watch out!

What happens with Sans friends?

In this new FNF mod you will be involved in a rather strange performance. Although Flowey actually has no lungs to draw air and no real mouth to transform it into voice, he somehow sings and does it quite well! You can already see that it’s going to be a heated confrontation. Just imagine losing to a flower! The entire rap community will be laughing its gilded meth-corroded teeth off and snorting cocaine out of nostrils! You just can’t let that happen. So get it straight, put your fingers steady on the keyboard and prepare to groove like never before! You have three rounds to hold out for and hundreds of points to score. The more beats you hit the better. Ready, set, freestyle!

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