Lucas Battle

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Out of all monsters, animal-like are the most unpredictable and dangerous. After all, anthropomorphic monsters are close enough to us, humans. You can appeal to the motifs and feelings you both share and try to reason with them. Maybe even become some sort of friends. But if you meet someone like Lucas, stay alert! Yes, he can talk and he has his own personality, but it’s a chaotic, impulsive one. You can’t know for sure what to expect from him the next moment. One minute he is all peaceful and playful, you have a great time joking and laughing. And all of a sudden he gets mad at something and attacks you! When something like that happens, prepare for a battle!

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Move around the battlefield dexterously, stay focused and cold-minded. Lucas will be trying to get to you in various ways – you have to study his behavior and figure out the battle patterns he uses to effectively oppose him. There are several kinds of attacks you can rely on. Combining them will also allow you to fight on a whole new level. Keep an eye on your health bar and make sure there is always enough of it left for you to avoid dying stupidly just because you were inattentive! Good luck!

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