Deltarune Spamton Neo Retro Recreation

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They say working in sales is bad for your psyche. And maybe they’re right. Just look what it did to poor Spamton! He used to be the leading salesman in town. But then something went south and he went broke. After that, he became embittered and is taking his rage out of innocent people. So when a boy from our world appeared in his dimension, he decided he should show this stranger that he wasn’t welcome here. However, our hero is not a week-hearted one, so he is entering the fight! This is going to be tough! Will you be able to defeat Spamton, even in his upgraded Neo form?

Deltarune vs Undertale

Prepare for a gripping combat! Dance around the battlefield like a real ninja dodging Spamton attacks and trying to hit him in the soft spot. There are several kinds of movements you can use to come up with your own unique martial style. Good reflexes are a must to stay alive in this struggle because your enemy is fast and cunning. The right balance of offensive and defensive tactics will allow you to unleash your fighting potential. Discover what you’re capable of in a real human-vs-monster clash and hone your skills to the point where Spamton won’t be a threat to you anymore!

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