Deltarune 2

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Undertale has put a start to a whole franchise that made the monster world into a full-fledged place to live, make friends and enemies, fight and hug. After the initial success of the game, developers understood that just couldn’t leave such a great idea like that and came up with a sequel. Deltarune preserves all the best mechanics and concepts of its predecessor, but introduces new characters, a new story and new conflicts. So if you’re curious about the further fate of the monster world, let’s take another trip down there and see where the many routes you can choose in this game lead us this time!

Susie – a rather perky

You find yourself in the underworld after getting lost in the school basement together with Susie – a rather perky, insolent classmate. However, during the game she is changing into a more considerate, heartfelt version of herself. As happens with many other characters. Depending on how you communicate with them and what actions you take, it’s not just the story itself that will be altering, but also the people – or rather monsters – around you. Just like in Undertale, you can pick a path you will be following – either the good, the bad or the neutral one.

You’re also not just some sort of a lost child anymore. According to a local legend, you are a messiah that will be the salvation of the monster kind. However, it’s all a bit vague and you don’t really understand what you need to do… But it’ll all come to you, you just need to give it some time – and learn about this world a bit more!

New history of Deltarune

Like in the previous parts, the gameplay revolves around traveling across different locations, speaking to characters you meet, solving puzzles and sometimes also fighting, even if you choose the way of goodness. You have a chance to encounter some true friends and straighten out some villains. Everything depends on you! Play Deltarune 2 online and immerse yourself into another twist of this gripping monster story!

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