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It was a usual morning. You were getting ready for school without suspecting that it will become the beginning of an unthinkable journey… Anyway, at school you got sent to the basement together with your classmate Susie to grab some chalk. And once you stepped inside, you knew something is off here. The basement turned out to be simply endless, you were walking and walking without hitting any walls and definitely not finding any chalk… Plus it was so dark that you couldn’t see a thing. And that’s how you got into the Kingdom of Darkness!

New Kingdom of Darkness!

But don’t be in a hurry to get goosebumps. Despite its ominous name, it’s actually a rather fascinating and even fun place. You will meet a lot of charming characters here all of which are monsters although some may look like humans. You will find out that you’re the Chosen One, prophesied long ago. And that many of the locals actually believe you will save them. Save them from what? What’s the deal? The game won’t give you answers at once sending you on a half-wild goose chase. But in the process, you will be more than satisfied with what you find out! Interactive gameplay, ability to make a choice and thus affect the further course of events, great characters that are truly alive and not just some statists meant to fill up the game world… All that makes Deltarune a game you can’t miss! So start playing it right now and either become the Chosen One everyone is waiting for – or go rouge!

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