Five Nights At Freddy’s

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The player enters a cafe inhabited by robot monsters. They used to be good but nowadays they are real killers. They try to attack him, so he tries to run away and hide from them. He has to stay in the cafe for five nights to survive. The player is in one of the rooms of the cafe, where there are monitors that show video from the hidden cameras in the cafe. Thus the player can see where the monsters are going. He can also close the doors – if the monsters enter the room, they will attack immediately.

Do your best to survive!

The evil animatronics will do everything to reach you. They will wander around the place trying to penetrate into your tiny room. And you have no weapon to protect yourself! Only a smart survival plan can save you from the worst outcome. Luckily, you can spy on your opponents directly from your office – you will have surveillance cameras installed. And whenever you see any of the beasts is approaching your room too close, you can use auto lock to prevent the monster from getting inside. You should use electricity very carefully as its amount is restricted.

Your antagonists are very treacherous and will try to distract your attention. So you should keep your eyes open! It will not be an easy task to survive five long nights in this terrible place. Besides, every time, insane toys become more and more active. So pull all your courage together to trick the enemies and remain alive. Lots of thrills are awaiting you!

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