FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

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The game is about a cafe in which robots entertain children with songs. But every night they turn into dangerous monsters and attack all living things. The player is unlucky enough to be in this cafe at night and now he has to find a way to survive. In the game, the player can choose the monsters that can attack him. The player needs to live in the cafe for five nights to get out alive. The player can use cameras to see where the robots are going and close the door in time when they approach.

How many monsters can you fight?

The FNAF series includes a number of horror games where you can meet all types of evil animatronics. And this chapter is special as you will now meet all of them. It is not a joke – you will be able to interact with nearly 50 animated toys! You yourself decide who you would like to confront in the next round. Moreover, you will be able to customize each of them. You can even adjust the level of their aggression to make the walkthrough more exciting. But you should know that every antagonist is unique and comes with an individual set of features.

It means you will need to use a different approach to neutralize each monster. As in the original plot, you will stay in the night guard office and try to fend the off scary attacks of these evil characters. Be very attentive not to mix up the devices, otherwise, your enemies will easily reach you. Keep your eyes open as they may appear from anywhere, even from the ventilation shaft!

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